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Advanced Biorhythms Testimonials

"Been taking a look at the program since installing it on this machine, entered profiles for myself and my three nieces.
For myself I looked at the forecast as it would have been over the last three weeks (which I could still remember in enough detail to use for my test), and except for one day, it was spot on.
For my oldest niece, it was exactly spot on over the last week, and accurate enough with a small enough margin for the two weeks prior to that…
My middle niece was a bit harder to do the test with as she didn’t really understand my line of questioning, but on the upside, the program did say that her intellectual curve was way down.
For my youngest niece I copied the forecast for the next six weeks, which will be the real test.
Program works like a charm, too… easy to use, easy to read the results."
- Wolf

"Wow, interesting, I didn’t realize that this includes ‘intuition’. I’m just used to the three cycles of emotional, physical, and intellectual. Also, I appreciate the colors that are given: blue for emotional, red for physical, this is helpful when reading the bar graphs in the calendar."
- Diana

"I looked at my daughter’s biorhythm for a day she had an accident... The note said an accident was likely for her that day. Thinking this was cute, I checked a year further back for another day she had an accident. Sure enough, it said “This is an accident prone day.” Seems to be fairly accurate at least as far as my daughter is concerned. I checked further and we’re compatible 85% and 90% of the time. This is pretty much “right on” also. Groovy!"
- Penny

"As far as the program, well, Biorhythms ain’t new age, this has been around for a looooooong time. I personally prefer the sine-graph type, but this gives a different view. Adds a different way to see what appears to match and what doesn’t. Personally, I think horoscopes have less contact with reality than biorhythms, but that’s my opinion."
- Robert McMains

It looks realistic. I compared myself with a brother of mine (we are different people) and I found the results satisfactory. But I need more time to convince of its abilities.
Thanks for the program!"
- Kiril Kanev, Bulgaria

"WOW! I was sick several days last week. I couldn’t explain what it was exactly... just that I had no energy... stressed out... stress related aches and pains ….
What’s strange is that the days that I felt all of that are shown as LOW on all of the biorhythm results. That’s freaky…
Today I am feeling better… and my biorhythm shows that my stats are rising. WOW!"
-Jeffery Johnson

"I am thrilled that you’ve offered a program such as this. I love using biorhythms, and check mine every couple days on a website. these are the positives I like about this program: very easy to use, no learning curve required, that’s great. this is the easiest program to understand that I’ve downloaded from here! can look up any day, past or future. can check out good or bad days from the past or into the future, and yet it keeps today’s day marked so one remembers where one is."
- Hunter

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