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Biorhythm Compatibility Test

Biorhythm compatibility is the percentage that two individual's emotional, physical, and intellectual rhythms are in the same high, low or critical phase. Since all three rhythms begin at the critical (zero) point on the day of birth, they differ from person to person. Because the rhythms are mathematically constant, compatibility does not change on a day-to-day basis.

Biorhythm Compatibility Test

Compatibility helps to explain why or why not you get along with someone in a particular way. Preliminary research on Biorhythm Compatibility has show that:

1) People generally get along better when they have high compatibility percentages.

2) People with diverse compatibility percentages get along well provided that they are willing to accept and concede as confrontations develop.

3) In a minority of cases, individuals actually prefer opposites and will actually get along well with someone with drastically different biorhythms because they strike a balance.
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