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Interpreting Critical Days

Interpreting Emotional Critical Biorhythm Either emotional exhaustion or euphoria is possible-from "the skids" (depression) to great heights (elation, outbursts). You may have a "let-down" or tired feeling, since exhaustion is often based on an imbalanced emotional state. You may also experience emotional "flair-ups" or extreme Agitation, anxiety, or frustration. In extreme cases, suicides or attempted suicides have occurred on or very close to emotional critical days.

Overexertion and exhaustion due to emotional stress are also potential dangers to health and can trigger a physical crisis such as a heart attack or a stroke. Be particularly alert to health side effects in the day's activities. Give extra care and attention to situations where emotions play a key role: driving your automobile in heavy traffic; stress situations at work; dealing with family problems; disciplining and working with young children. In general, forced calmness and mental concentration on control of emotions is advised. Keep in mind the unique opportunity of an emotional critical day-by harnessing your emotional energies at this time you could develop and strengthen a model of emotional self-control and expression which is so important to overall happiness and well-being. This day could give you the opportunity to reach important breakthroughs in your emotional life, as well as present possible new avenues of creativity.

Interpreting Physical Critical Biorhythm In general, you can tire more easily, quickly. There may be some impairment of your physical control or strength with a potential for accidents or mishaps in the home, office, or car. A lessening of the body's protective senses increases the dangers of exertion, exhaustion, and possible injury. Relax, get added rest. Give extra attention to physical comforts and aids, such as proper lighting, frequent relaxation periods, that will make your day easier. Avoid activities where large amounts of energy are required-for most people, not a good day to start spring cleaning, mowing the lawn, or playing a strenuous game of tennis.

During health crises, a physical critical can signal a recurrence of problems-a possible heart attack, stroke, etc. If you have a particular health problem, it is a good time to curtail physical activities that require a large expenditure of energy.

In extreme cases, sensory deprivation may occur, with a consequent neglect for personal safety as exhibited in acts of either extreme bravery or foolhardiness. For those who participate in sports frequently or for the professional' athlete, performance hangs in the balance-it can be your best or worst day. Try to be extremely aware of your physical potential during this unstable time; intensify mental concentration to control and extend your physical capabilities for maximum performance and possible outstanding achievement.

Interpreting Intellectual Critical Biorhythm On the critical day in the intellectual cycle, there is a tendency to avoid making necessary decisions and to hastily improvise acceptable answers to situations. Mental carelessness can often cause a disregard for personal safety and survival. Mental Depression and a lower threshold to health hazards are also potential dangers.

Verbal fluency-an attribute of intelligence-may be decreased or restricted. The faculties of abstract reasoning, number ability, and memory appear to be lessened. Misplacement of valuables and forgetfulness are common. Often, there is a disregard for consequences: thus, the man who can't swim goes boating; the homemaker with a sore back decides to move the piano to another location. If it is possible to "think before leaping," this is the time to do it. Despite these more frequent negative factors, either success or failure in academic or intellectual pursuits is possible on this day, since one's intellectual acuity is alterable in either direction by the imbalanced state. Mental control through awareness and alertness is important at these times. The opportunity to reach new heights, to have a day of intellectual, creative brilliance-to have that one stroke of genius that could change your life, are all entirely possible.
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