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Interpreting High and Low Days

Interpreting High Emotional Biorhythm Your emotions are keyed to their highest levels. This is the time when you will feel most outwardly directed to others, able to enjoy their company, as well as to give them support, encouragement, and understanding if needed. It is the optimum time for strengthening your relationships with your lover or friends. Your high emotions can also push you to great performances, especially in creative endeavors. On the other hand, depending upon circumstances and your personality, be aware of possible runaways, emotional outbursts or over-doing. Your high emotions could also lead you to impulsive, rash behavior.
Interpreting High Physical Biorhythm Your energy, vitality, and strength are at full tide. Your physical system is able to withstand shock, injury, or stress at this time. Sexual drives are above normal. At the same time, physical forces may be overly strong with a danger of overexertion or susceptibility to reckless, aggressive activities.

Interpreting High Intellectual Biorhythm Analytical, logistical, and concentrative abilities are at upper levels. This is a prime time for creative thinking, composing, writing, decision-making. This is a good time for abstract reasoning, verbal fluency, understanding new concepts, number ability, memory manipulation, and for facing new challenges, taking on new work assignments. This is also a time of possible frustrations if opportunities for intellectual expansion are limited or missing.

Interpreting Low Emotional Biorhythm Your emotional state is relaxed or below normal. In situations where extreme calm or lack of emotions is required, this may be helpful. In other circumstances, your feelings, sensitivities, and awareness of your environment may be low. It is a time when you may feel more inwardly directed, less able to extend yourself to others. You may even experience feelings of depression or loneliness. In general, it is a time of passivity rather than engagement.

Interpreting Low Physical Biorhythm Your physical forces are at low tide with vitality and energy resources possibly drained. Fatigue is common. Rest, recuperation are important at this time. Your interest in or inclinations to physical, sexual activities are on the wane. In athletic activities, endurance is usually lessened. There is a lack of zest or spirit and a feeling of near exhaustion may follow performance. You may have "worn out" feelings in general during this time. Depressive tendencies may be present and must be resisted. There is a danger of overexertion if highs in the other cycles tend to override your feelings of physical low energy. Watch eating, drinking, as any overindulgence at this time is potentially dangerous.

Interpreting Low Intellectual Biorhythm Your ability to move into new intellectual fields is lessened at this time. Decision-making, judgments, and concentration on tasks may all be frustrating or difficult during this period. Impulsive, spur-of-the-moment actions with regrettable consequences are possible. Loss or relinquishment of cautions or protective inclinations may occur. Depressed or exhausted mental states are also possible.
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