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Each of biorhythms has its sphere of influence. Their compatibility or incompatibility influences our relationships with other people in different ways. Compatibility of biorhythms in love and family affairs can be well observed. There are nine possible combinations:

1. Three biorhythms are incompatible. External appeal, sex, money and a habit can be a reason of marriage. There is only a phantom of family. At the beginning of relationships there is the illusion that feelings exist, but it disappears as times goes by. When love has gone and there are no children or property, the family breaks up. Otherwise spouse are roommates who are dependent on each other financially, who torture each other and carry out a role of vampires, spoiling life of their own kids.

2. Physical biorhythms are compatible. There is a strong physical attraction between partners and what is more a complete sexual satisfaction, which is the only reason for many families not to break up. But the partners need more than sex. A spiritual warmth and mutual understanding are also necessary. There is lack of it.

3. Emotional biorhythms are compatible. The partners feel as if they haven't had such feelings before, especially from the woman's point of view. But in a period of time the man becomes indifferent, he is not satisfied with sex any more, love is passing away. It's difficult for a woman to submit, it's a kind of a tragedy for her. She can do everything to get him back, and then to get hold of him and make use of his powers.

4. Emotional and physical biorhythms are compatible. The situation is rather knotty. Partners clash very often, despite of a mutual attraction and sexual satisfaction. Women dream of getting hold of a partner and keeping him. It frightens a lot of men struggling for the independence and trying to free themselves of the persistent care.

5. Intellectual biorhythms are compatible. The partners feel something similar to love, especially from the man's point of view. A woman can be attracted by the partner's ready tongue or his wits, but it becomes boring in a period of time. She finds nothing that brings warmth to her soul. The man starts to struggle for the happiness and women who marry such men are not lucky at all.

6. Intellectual and physical biorhythms are compatible. Women should be cautious! The partners have deep feelings similar to love. There are both an attraction and complete sexual satisfaction. At first women are very interested in sex appeal, IQ and other partner's positive traits of character impress them. Then a woman loses the interest and feels an emptiness of soul. The man does everything to conquer such a woman.

7. Intellectual and emotional biorhythms are compatible. It is a Platonic love. Everything is good except sex. It is a variant of friendship and cooperation at all levels, a good choice for a secretary but not for a sexual partner. Young people whose feelings are developed more than their intimate relations can fall into such a trap. Sexual relations are very rare in such families or they don't exist at all. It is better for partners to have a rest from each other and sleep apart.

8. Three biorhythms are compatible (60-80%). There is stability, warmth and mutual understanding, which could be even stronger. People satisfied with reality are happy to have family relations that remind friendship. Perfectionists, who are looking for complete harmony, can destroy everything they should save.

9. Three biorhythms are compatible (more than 80%). The true feelings and perfect sex are possible. Such couples can say that nobody knows what real love is: you needn't speak about feelings, you'd better feel it! There are clever, beautiful and healthy children in such families. They are always a success in life except the cases when they look for troubles.

So, we have the characteristics of relationship from the biorhythmic point of view. Certainly, life is more complicated than theories and formulas. We can't always be together with the one we want. But we can avoid a lot of problems by choosing the right partner.
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