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Elprime Clock Pro 2.5

Enlarge Screenshot Elprime Clock is a compact utility that comprises an analog clock, advanced alarm scheduler and a calendar. Elprime Clock lets you have a transparent (both in Windows 2000/XP and Windows 95/98/Me) analog clock on your desktop, which can stay always on top or disappear when you move the mouse cursor over it. It allows you to set up alarms with messages, WAV files or PC-speaker sounds, run files and documents. There's a calendar and Atomic clock/LAN time synchronization always at hand, too. The clock is fully skinable and comes with 25 nice-looking skins already. It also supports other useful features such as sounding chimes and starting with the system. At the same time, the tool doesn't come heavy on your system, using just a fraction of system resources.
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CD CD Edition of Elpime Clock Pro has an extended set of icons, skins and high-quality sounds. See comparison table below for more details.

Feature comparison chart: Elprime Clock Pro Standard and CD Edition
Features: Elprime Clock Pro 2.5 Elprime Clock Pro 2.3
CD Edition
Clockface Transparency Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Scalable Skin Size Yes Yes
Skins 25 100
Skin Editor Yes Yes
Date Displayed on Skin Yes Yes
Icons 48 150
Sounds 9 15
Sound Quality Normal High
Multi-Alarm Scheduler Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes
Atomic Clock Time Synchronization Yes Yes
Local Area Network Time Synchronization Yes Yes
24x7 Technical Support Yes Yes
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Elprime Clock Awards

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