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"I had a major problem with some digital videos that were on a DVD. They were the only backup that I had and could not recover the files. These videos are priceless and full of history. Thanks to your fantastic software at such an affordable price I was able to effortlessly recover all my videos successfully. Thank you so much to the developers of this great piece of software."
- Dan Phillips

"I has just recovered lots of important, immediately needed data and saved my business! Thanks for you continuous support. I will definitely refer you to my clients."
- W Clark

"Well, I tried the program with one of my son’s very scratched mix CDs, and the program fixed it to a playable condition, and the process went very quickly, too. I was pretty impressed, and my son is going to be very happy."
- Mr. Clobermier

"Just noted this program works with USB keys too. Given that these can now carry in excess of 4GB of data, that makes this program a very good “filed in case I need it next week” kind of program."
- Colin

"If all companies were as professional and efficient as would be tremendous.......a great experience and a super model of efficiency."
- Paul Smith

"I am sure you get e-mails like this all the time, but I swear to you there are tears in my eyes as I write this. Elprime Media Recovery helped me rescue a lot of pictures that meant a great deal to was worth every penny we spent. THANK YOU."
- Lucia Roseman

"I am very enthused about what your product did to help me recover data that I am seriously thinking of starting a business anchored on the use of your products or applying to become a dealer or distributor of your products."
- Jim Gates

"I'm the happiest man at the moment, all photos are recovered. Finally I can complete my family album. Thanks guys, this is a wonderfull tool."
- Fred Atkinson

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