Desktop Drug Reference is a largest index offering detailed and current pharmaceutical information on most popular brand and generic drugs. You can browse this reference by drug category, alphabetical A-Z list and advanced full-text search index. Advanced search allows you to search in all related descriptions including drug class and mechanism, ingredients, side effects, drug uses, storage information, etc. Desktop Drug Reference Screenshot
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Advanced Search Options
Desktop Drug Reference Search Options You can search by any word or phrase using full text search index. For example, if you search for "dizziness" you will get the list of drugs containing dizziness as possible side effect. If you are searching for a literal phrase use quotation marks ("literal phrase"). Without the quotation marks the search will find topics containing both of the individual words, instead of the phrase with minor grammatical variations of the word or phrase you entered.

Special search keywords: AND, OR, NOT, NEAR
Example Search for Results
joint AND pain Both terms in the same topic Topics containing both the words "joint" and "pain"
drowsiness OR fatigue Either term in a topic Topics containing either the word "drowsiness" or the word "fatigue"
pressure NOT blood The first term without the second term Topics containing the word "pressure" but not the word "blood"
blocks NEAR enzyme Both terms in the same topic, close together Topics containing the word "blocks" within eight words of the word "enzyme"

Contents TabYou can also switch from "Search" to "Contents" tab from any drug description page and you will be automatically moved to the appropriate drug reference category.

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