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Elprime Clock Pro - What's New?

Version 2.5:

100% Vista-compatible
25 amazing Vista-style skins
Skin color themes support
Skins are scalable up to 500%
Large system fonts support
Updated atomic time server list
Minor bugfixes in alarm configuration

Version 2.4:

Skin size can be scaled up to 300%
Added clock performance optimization options
Date is displayed on tooltip
Minor cosmetic improvements
Hands Smoothing

Clock Hands Smoothing

Version 2.33:

Fixed one-day time advance in atomic time synchronization and alarms
Minor bugfixes in Skin Editor
Minor cosmetic improvements and clock bugfixes
New set of skins
Support of compressed skin format

Version 2.3:

Calendar: week numbers display
New Icon and Help design
Fixed bitmap centering in skin editor
Fixed command line parameters in "execute" alarm conditions
Fixed addition of wav and speaker sounds at installation
Fixed "hide system clock" feature
New terms and conditions in License Agreement

Version 2.22:

Skin Editor added
Autosave Hide/Show Clock state
Alarm message box now displays icon
Alarm message boxes now display simultaneously
Installation can be done without Administrator privilegies
Added file associations for skins (els-files)
Elprime Clock Pro icon removed from Alt-Tab programs list
Other major bugfixes

Version 2.02:

Fixed "Launch at startup" bug
Fixed all major sound bugs

Version 2.01:

Fixed leap-year bug
Fixed memory leaks in Windows 95/98/ME
Fixed background color bugs in alarm preview

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